It is a simple fact that fresh produce suppliers and packers are having to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers. Add to this that the need to comply with the updated versions of the BRC Fresh Produce Standards and Assured Produce Standards, means that you are now under more pressure than ever to verify your traceability records and pass inspections from customers or government bodies.

It is still a fact that a lot of companies still use manual, paper-based checks which are time consuming and carry a high risk of error and non-compliance compared with using an automated electronic data capture solution. Consus traceability will totally replace traditional paper based methods of tracking and give you virtually instantaneous results.

Our traceability module will give you all the tools that you need to accurately monitor fresh produce from field to fork. We use highly developed technology to let you accurately and efficiently track and trace a product from planting and harvest, to raw material intake, production line packing and finally despatch. A full history is recorded at every step of a products life journey.
Give your business the tools it needs to head off potential customer relationship issues before they happen. Have confidence on unannounced customer visits that the answers to your customer’s traceability questions are just a couple of clicks away.

It just doesn’t stop though with traceability. From a business perspective, Consus helps reduce your wastage and improve on your quality control data.