Consus pricing

Consus pricing is very easy and transparent without complex user calculations. Simply choose from one of the two versions below, based on your business needs. Then simply add the extra modules that you require.
There is no capital purchase cost. You licence our software to run on either your own platform, or choose our Microsoft Azure hosted option.

Consus Versions:

Consus Lite – This is the preferred option for the small to medium grower / packer who does not need to run their application on multiple production lines.

Consus Standard – Ideal for the medium to large grower / packer who has multiple production lines.

With Consus you will not incur punitive licensing costs for extra users. You are paying for the product not the user count. The cost of one user is the same as one hundred users.

This makes us very different from some other software houses that price their product on user count.
Please contact us for more information on Consus pricing.


Bespoke Projects Pricing

In order to create the best system for you, we first establish the requirements of your solution, and estimate how long development will take to complete. You will then be given a firm quote for the development cost of your project, along with indicative completion dates.

You are in control to develop the system that best fits you and your business, and control the price to fit your budget.

We work with you

At every stage of the project we will be working with you, as partners in building the best systems possible.

We consider all of our projects long term, and even after it is complete, we are available to expand, support, and enhance.