Everyone in the Fresh Produce industry will know, Fresh Produce is unique in the way it works, and you cannot just drop in an ERP system from any other industry.
This is why we at Red Planet Programming took our time and experience of the Fresh Produce industry and built Consus from the ground up to work with produce.

Intuitive Design

Consus was designed with an Intuitive Design, that allows anyone to use the system, with a little training, and a lot of common sense.
This allows for better, faster, and smother transitions for staff using the system.



  • Full traceability from Plot & Consignment to Production, and Despatch.
  • Integrated QC/QA modules
  • Pre-built and fully customisable reports including Stock, Consignment, Production, and Despatch notes
  • Every list is easily searched, to allow you to find what you are looking for quickly.
  • Modular design: allowing you to only pay for the section you will actually use.



With fully integrated traceability, you can trace a pallet from field to despatch, and from despatch back to field, even via a production order. This greatly assists with BRC audits, and customer compliance. The whole traceability process takes minutes to complete, greatly improving the efficency of your auditing solutions.


Handheld (Remote Data Terminals)

Using handheld devices you can have realtime stock reports, production, and traceability information at your fingertips. Our Handhelds are used at Intake and within Production and Despatch environments to allow more accurate usage data, better profitability, and efficiency.


Summary Stock

The summary stock shows all products on stock at a quick glance, with this you can see the current LIVE stock levels and plan consignment harvesting, purchase, and sales.


QA/QC Checks

QA/QC checks are fully integrated into the system, and the QA status is displayed on the stock (detailed) report to allow you to easily spot problem products and deal with them quickly.


Flexible Maintenance Programs

The system hinges like any other around its maintenance lists. With most systems, changing a code (e.g. Product Code) after the initial setup is not possible. With Consus you can change any code, description, and other settings at will. For those times when it is really needed.


Production Touchscreens

Having touchscreens at the end of the production line, allows your production team to see orders that are due, and input data directly into the system. This data can be accessed immediately by anyone in the office to see how production is going.

Touchscreens not only help keep track of production, but also track wastage, yields, and allow full traceability for BRC audits.