Bespoke Applications

Many of our clients contact us because they have found that “Off The Shelf” software does not work for them. It simply does not fit all of their requirements. This especially applies to the Fresh Produce and Farming Industries. That’s where we come in.

If you go down the bespoke route, you can rest assured that the software that your business relies on, will be built to your exact requirements and to your specification. Red Planet Programming Revolves Round You – Our Customer. Working with Red Planet means that you will be in touch with the team that developed the software for you. We are always available to train, explain and assist with your solution.

Your bespoke software solution will never become obsolete because it can be adapted and upgraded to keep up with your business as it changes.

We have designed several bespoke or customised systems for clients from different fields, helping them achieve specific goals. We will be happy to do the same for you.